Ami Ceu

Majority of the GNSI conference programs are pre-approved by the Association of Medical Illustrators Continuing Education Committee for CE units. You must verify your continuing education activities within 30 days of participating or CEUs cannot be awarded.Note that the morning half day workshops are actually half an hour shorter than the afternoon ones.

AMI CEU Art Categories

0.025 Credits

  • Sam Droege - Hi-Resolution Stacked Photographs (Without Breaking the Bank)
  • Leandro Lopes da Sousa - Scientific Illustration in Brazil

0.05 Credits

  • Fabian de Kok-Mercado - HHMI Science Education Media for the Classroom and Broadcast
  • Veronica Falconieri, Quinn Burrell, Amanda Almon - Choosing a 3D Program
  • Heno Hwang - Grow your digital plant
  • Xaveir Pita - Corroios Salt Marsh and Tide Mill
  • Kimberly Moss - A Beacon for Broader Impact, Illuminating Science
  • Kimberly Heise - Erased Drawings: Reaching Audiences in Support of Conservation
  • Joe Flood - Science and Comics: Teaching Science with a Visual Medium
  • Kristin Carlson - Scientific Illustration on Scuba ~ Underwater Field Sketching
  • Sara Cramb - Creating Educational Work for a Young Audience

0.1 Credits

  • Nancy Shute - Visualizing Science Journalism In The YouTube Era
  • Fernando Baptista - Science Visualization at National Geographic
  • Gail Guth, Taina Litwak, Deb Haines - Photoshop Panel
  • Tim Phelps - Nature Mandalas
  • Lisa Palmer- Natural History Illustrations at the Smithsonian
  • Veronica Falconieri- ZBrush for the Science Illustrator
  • Ray Besserdin – Paper Sculpture
  • Ivan Gromicho - The Arctic Mandala
  • Biruta Hansen - Murals
  • Jen Christiansen - Visualizing Science: Illustration and Beyond
  • Dr. Callan Bentley - Visualization in Geology
  • Liz Neeley - Storytelling for Eyes, Ears, Brains, and Minds.
  • Diana Marques – Skin and Bonces APP/tour of the Bone Hall at NMNH

0.35 Credits

  • Linda Feltner- Workshop: Drawing Birds: Live in the Classroom
  • Brooke Alexander - Workshop: Introduction to Adobe After Effects for Animation
  • Valerie Altounian - Workshop: 3D Principles with Cinema 4D

0.4 Credits

  • Dr. Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski- Workshop: Learn about botany: Technical aspects for scientific/botanical Illustrators
  • Sarah Dahlinger - Workshop: Digital Watercolor: The Workshop

0.75 Credits

  • Marjorie Leggitt - Workshop: Working from Photos - A Love Story
  • Christi Newman & Bricelyn - Workshop: Information Graphic Design in Adobe Illustrator
  • Scott Rawlins - Workshop: Coquille Board: Classic & New
  • Karen Ackoff - Workshop: Decorated Letters
  • Gretchen Halpert- Workshop: How to Draw Your Best Leaf Ever
  • Amanda Almon - Workshop: Intro. to Autodesk 3dsMax / Sculpting & 3D Painting in Mudbox
  • Nancy Halliday - Workshop: Watercolor layering
  • Justine Hirten - Workshop: Replicating traditional media effects in Photoshop
  • Karen Johnson - Workshop: Sculpting Beetles in Polymer and Wire
  • QuinnBurrell - Workshop: Horns, Hooves, and Hair: Modeling Ungulates in ZBrush

1.5 Credits

  • Rhonda Nass - Workshop: Colored Pencil/Drama on Dark Paper
  • Fernando Baptista - Workshop: Infographic and Sculpture

AMI CEU Biomed Category

0.025 Credits

  • Sam Droege - Hi-Resolution Stacked Photographs (Without Breaking the Bank)

0.05 Credits

  • Dr. Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski - Pollen - Key to Unlocking Mysteries Worldwide
  • Gretchen Halpert - Leaves
  • Dr. Helen James - Fossil Bird Research
  • Dr. Jonathan Coddington - Genomics and Imagery

0.1 Credits

  • Dr. Kirk Johnson - Fossils, Lost Worlds, and the Hero's Journey
  • Terryl Whitlatch and Dr. Michael Habib - Illustrating Flying Vertebrates

0.4 Credits

  • Dr. Mervi Hjelmroos-Koski- Workshop: Let's learn about botany!

AMI CEU Business Category -

0.1 Credits

  • Jennifer Fairman - To Market! - Portfolio to Positioning, Promoting and Prospecting

0.025 Credits

  • Leandro Lopes da Sousa - Scientific Illustration in Brazil

Instructions for verifying your educational activities:

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on the link on the left side of the page that says "Submit Verification Form."
  3. Check off all the talks and workshops you attended and follow the prompts.
  4. Hit "submit" at the bottom of the page.
  5. The system should automatically record the CEUs to your record. You can check this by clicking on "My CEUs" on the left side of the page. If it doesn't update within a few hours, email and/or

Again, if you are a CMI and do not file your verification within 30 days, your CEUs will be forfeited.