Panels are roundtable style discussions where panelists discuss selected topics, then open to the audience for a lively discussion. Panels are great for those who have stories and experiences to share and also for those who have questions, but didn't know where or how to ask. Our panels cover 3D programs, Photoshop, and the Guild.

Monday, July 16, 2018 1:15pm - 2:15pm

Gail Guth, Deb Haines and Taina Litwak

Photoshop Skills

Gail--We’ve all been there: you have an idea in mind, you sketch it out, you transfer it and start in on your finished piece… and then realize it would have been better if one element was larger, or a different color, or eliminated altogether. Some problems just aren’t readily apparent in a sketch, and you don’t see them until you’re well into final rendering. You can start over again, but if you are on a deadline that may be a real problem! Photoshop to the rescue! You don’t need superhero Photoshop skills to use this versatile program to help layout your art projects. Gail will demonstrate a few simple but key steps for manipulating your layout sketches, moving and resizing elements to determine the best arrangement, and experimenting with colors and contrast. Using Photoshop for these basic explorations can speed up your layout and planning process, allow greater range of possibilities, and perhaps spare you the dreaded, time-wasting restart. It will be helpful for you to understand basic Photoshop skills for this presentation, but if you are just curious as to how you might use Photoshop to streamline your workflow, you are welcome to join us!

Deb--Have you noticed when using your smartphone camera, either front or back, then compare to your handheld digital camera that your references seem flat or out of perspective? Here are a few quick tips to use some tools within Photoshop CC. If your reference is off, you can be guaranteed your illustration will follow suit. Learn to correct perspective in your reference before you start to draw.

Taina-- Photoshop - my 10 favourite tools. Some are tricky, some not. Some are quite basic, but some are tools that frequently shock my interns, even some already finished with graduate programs. Photoshop does 10,000 things and it takes time to find the 100 things you really need to know and will use every week.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 2:25pm - 3:20pm

Veronica Falconieri, Quinn Burrell and Amanda Almon

How to Choose a 3D Program

Starting out in digital 3D art can be daunting. With the multitude of programs available, it is hard to pick the right software for your needs. Tap into the combined experiences of Amanda Almon, Veronica Falconieri, and Quinn Burrell to learn which 3D programs fit the best into the world of scientific illustration.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Ikumi Kayama, Daisy Chung, and Sara Taliaferro

GNSI How-to's: Ed funds, chapters, conferences, and more!

Do you love GNSI as much as we do? Did the meeting inspire you with new techniques and business tips to expand your knowledge about scientific illustration? Did you meet great colleagues? Join us for an open-discussion style panel with the GNSI experts who will share with you ways to get more out of your GNSI membership. Volunteer with the Guild: GNSI is a volunteer-based organization. Giving back to GNSI is a great way to meet fellow scientific illustrators, learn a trick or two, and to help with the daily operations of the Guild. We are looking for volunteers in all areas of expertise from graphic design to writing to marketing. How to apply for Ed Funds: Did you ever wonder where the auction proceeds were going? The donations are set aside to help GNSI members and chapters to organize events that will educate others about scientific illustration. Do you want to put together an art exhibit, workshop, or a lecture? The Ed Fund can help! Sara, our Education Director, will share with you the basic process and some tips. How to start a new chapter: Did you discover that you are not the only scientific illustrator in your state? Our local GNSI Chapters are the backbone of the GNSI family. Chapters provide fellowship and opportunities for field trips, exhibits, and interaction with the public that are rare at the National level. But how do you start a chapter? Join Daisy Chung, GNSI Membership Director, and Diana Marques, GNSI Outreach Director, for an informal presentation and discussion on the benefits and procedures involved. If you are already part of the chapter, join us to brainstorm for ideas and share your stories. How to bring GNSI to your town (a conference!): Tired of traveling miles and miles to come to a GNSI conference? Why not host one in your town? The conference experts will share with you the basics to get the conference team started. If your chapter has hosted a conference before, join us to learn about the revamped conference planning booklet, timeline, and team structures. Your turn! Tell us what you think: Do you have an idea for a talk/workshop? We are always looking for leads to find speakers, presenters, panelists, and workshop instructors. Do you have ideas to make GNSI even better? Let us know! We will have clipboards/post-it notes where you can stop by and share your ideas before they fade away as you head back to the real world.