Call to Volunteers

Thank you for your support! All available volunteer slots have been filled.

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2018 GNSI Annual Conference

July 15 – 21, 2018

American University, Washington, DC

Being a volunteer during a GNSI conference offers the chance to meet new people, help the conference run smoothly, and deepen your connection to the organization! With about 40 volunteer positions to fill under eleven categories, you can even mix and match your volunteer hours. The first twenty volunteers to work a minimum of 5 hours will receive a $100 refund on their conference registration. Checks will be sent to volunteers after completion of volunteer work after the conclusion of the conference.

Volunteer opportunities begin before conference even starts, with jobs like helping the Exhibit Coordinators or the Local Experts stuff the goodie packets we get at registration. More volunteer positions are available as the week goes on, including setting up for the Auction, Workshops and the Thursday Social. The Registrar will need a volunteer to help at the registration table, handing out the packets, giving directions and answering questions. Volunteers will be needed to assist the classroom presenters with general set-up troubleshooting, as well as people movers to help load busses and wayfind around the museum. Lastly, each field trip needs a leader to be in charge of headcounts and tickets. These field trip leaders will get the fee of the field trip they lead refunded.

A more detailed explanation of volunteer positions is to come, but it’s never too early to say you want to help! As a volunteer list starts forming, preference of position will be given to the first people to put in their names.

To sign up as a volunteer, please email Lindsay Wright at