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GNSI Conference 2018 Registration: What’s New?

- Ikumi Kayama Feb 17, 2018

What’s New for Your 2018 GNSI Conference Registration: Please make all your GNSI 2018 conference-related decisions by June 22, 2018.

I hope you are getting ready and excited to take part in the GNSI’s 50th anniversary conference in Washington, DC on July 15-21, 2018 at American University! Check out the website if you haven’t already to see all the amazing lineups and events our conference committee is planning.

The conference format follows familiar conference models—core conference featuring speakers, panels, and demonstrations on Mon-Wed (don't forget to read about the “Day at the Museum” special event on Wednesday). Each core conference evening features a special event: portfolio sharing, exhibit opening reception, annual auction, and annual awards banquet. Please refer to our schedule at a glance, available in mid-March.

Hands-on workshops and field trips are held on Thursday-Saturday and each are priced a la carte so you may take as many or as few as you like.

Please see price overview, guest policy, and the FAQ under the REGISTRATION tab on the conference website for additional information.

Conference Registration starts on Friday, April 6 at noon PDT and closes at June 22, 11:59 PDT.

As you know, GNSI is a largely volunteer-based organization. GNSI prides itself by offering our members the best quality events at budget friendly prices while giving our volunteer members opportunities for collaboration and professional growth.

To continue offering high quality events, the GNSI Board of Directors have voted and approved on the conference registration policy.

Here are 3 changes that will make the biggest impact on you, the conference attendees:

Change 1: Conference Registration Deadline: June 22 11:59PM PDT:

After this date, No more registration submissions or requests to add/take off/switch for the following will be accepted:

  • Core full registration,
  • Evening guest tickets/a la carte event tickets,
  • Dining hall meal plans,
  • Business Lunch,
  • Banquet,
  • Housing,
  • Workshops and
  • Field trips

If the GNSI conference hits capacity, registration may close earlier than the above date.

Why this change? Many host venues penalize GNSI for late changes to housing, dining, and events. GNSI gets penalized if the conference finances are not finished on time. We would like to spend the money on our members rather than paying for penalties because a few people couldn’t make their decisions or signed up late.

Last minute changes are challenging to communicate quickly to our on-site GNSI team and to our host venue team. Last minute changes also delay publication schedules and purchase orders affecting the entire group. It also adds hours of extra work for our conference committee members.

Change 2: Workshop class size limit is final. No more waitlists or late-adds on workshops.

Why this change? GNSI strives to offer the highest quality workshop experience for both the instructors and the students.

The GNSI conference committee communicates with the instructors on how many students to expect several weeks before the workshop. The workshop instructors have more time to plan and there will be less chance for surprises and shortage of supplies/materials. GNSI would also like to give the attendees plenty of time to prepare and gather the materials.

We’ve all been there—one person shows up late without any preparation and slows down the entire class. We’re trying to minimize such scenarios to maximize instruction time.

Eliminating late adds will ensure every student will have proper learning environment without overcrowding or having to share supplies and materials.

Sign up early to grab your seat for the popular workshops. Eliminating waitlists will help distribute attendees to all workshops more evenly and decreases chances of workshops being cancelled due to low attendance.

Change 3: Field Trip group size limit is final. No waitlists or late-adds are offered. No self-driving and joining the field trip on site.

Why this change? GNSI strives to offer highest quality field trip experiences for both the field trip site and the attendees.

Field trip attendee numbers are set using various limitations including but not limited to vehicle size, special equipment needs, and the location requirements. Many GNSI field trips feature behind-the-scene tours and space is limited. Additional ID verification and entry fee payments may be required prior to the tour.

GNSI rented/hired vehicles and their drivers are insured under GNSI or an official third party; self-driven vehicles are outside GNSI coverage.

All-Day field trips may have pre-ordered box lunches. Pre-ordered box lunches require time by the GNSI committee to order and campus catering to prepare and deliver. Last minute attendees will likely not have lunch or worse yet, won’t meet their dietary needs.

Waitlists: same as workshops—if your second favorite field trip choice is open, grab that spot early instead of waiting for a possible open slot for your first choice.

In conclusion; registration for workshop attendance, field trip seats, banquet tickets, housing, dining hall meal plans, box lunches and other catered events will not be offered at the registration desk during the conference. The GNSI admin assistant and the volunteers at the desk are there to answer general questions and help conferees find their way around campus.

The only things you may purchase at the registration table are: GNSI membership, make a GNSI donation, any available merchandise, and Conference Day registration if there is space.

Thank you for your understanding and hope to see you this summer! If you have specific questions or comments, please feel free to contact me using the Contact > GNSI Conferences.

Full registration policy can be seen here.

Very best wishes,

Ikumi Kayama, MA

Vice President, GNSI